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tv   Today  NBC  March 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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thepartsnomina >> o this to aft one person hla n. >>builngls we'rreak dow ie >>cr,iondsaer elnoh in thce f debris h been f te f malaysia air flit 370 missing inging for nearltwo years. could it help solve one of the world's biggest mysteries? scott kly returns to earth ter spending more time in ace than any other american. what he'aygbout bng back home. the shockinsit. the menod a n me thengp andhangafr thevehicle. ho ad man h t bo fin h famto wey,nd, 20. er fronbws
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d savna live from staller d in welcy" on es ab ts and s them nn h nit. >> the g are t it. i sis you's morningec it' ill tuesdig >>atht but is terein t' geto the art wh the reblic mpre s orievet,mahus, vi, ala, or arkaasdzoted three inhezeteis hom he goe a the w lama aalka rubnnota, fi tce re'sow t delountac uis morning. p with188or.
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heemra, sig nhtlary tovirges al gegia,ars antt bernie s i vin he's nooianre won histe o rmont, allnlahoma nnes a. ke a look athe hilyryonh mman lead9738or iesa >>e cometoverage omis te lestaithnbc exanr. ni t gooorning wasinitelyery foronp, mons appealrom ee s to e rtas london sta mor de m riond omd. rortetrp tallying unothimsi ld or seven eight.
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assid vtori f ama t mas, rrower oro aansaso ia. rics s re dinhentry a your inicee lsfinish, llo ter e pe, llinn. r: nyers 's tthean ris christ tdo tro a brok lica p hasme me dyndi 're f de rom th ts wee op od ble t lone sr e. >>ter:y l uins h ga-ricom ste tnd oom n withly morni asruzgthed sase as t besteqpp t lengeum >>ordiho han't w a
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derfly gether unit that t beat p. i yo co rubioits ssetn i c a dtely ed winmiesot onceaited trp. tarty lincolnnd rean a tdenc of th edta w nd by a cst icampaign as lo a nd tes to ensure thamext ene uted states. >>f bgestak a ig rn erthis, 1sav vo15 republica stateav n d mberecdou orrmt.are 20hek am ept vic w e2016. tye. thearti effecting on gh08 w 8.2ilon vote i stestot p o tues
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th t ar aos t si lica 3liurning ou ocithll matt andvann penk ver tmp hdesees tf the cre fortht'ng shed. h w in seven ss lastni hryonke fullnd mocric r th victory in hsi, mpai i incre cusi o dump. c' krist welkers foghat pt of e story mog. goodrnin >>oodni tou. llarclnasaj meum ts morer reng vtori all across theou. eled inart bye africaaman suppor beie sanders snsnto he it's gog ot tgher rlintur front stu tuy, pi th, w taten
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forwardd bend or eff victy imase fein thent s ownckrd. >>ouryonof nus top. eporteschsmarches d, sdechces na audo in vallos ty. r da himed victory i hta of on and la lo annot >> thayo rteowtoight ynd tot, oy hed of repte l,nt tt hers o btl m l ahea ffith ld tn aripp bng ea
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>>epr:nt hs antivehat n aay iore lov andss.>> rter:lica onr rningfi si i nad,ll e the ctroverer s a ois bst weapon he d w anal act. allowedrun,ld be ver sured >> t rhe wreea the s bee lor. >>lentonseadingy hureds ofelhi moing, aison tnk e c putace o o re u m tema rally nework nihile sdersill hol akst ahe path arn nf a meso va? kristen let' te loo a re erator
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mam. nylectio if anody y,in w ely stdsayice ov. einnap. the l wllin cisder i gi esiasm andew tend dng ts naseit st wrehemainge loong at an idifft to theat cheyot ts t? over gatendensigned ahe delates tuda gver 30 th mu ifintn way t eswo alav 1 . ers oriri ucuses b march5 obviously,reoftime weealkida d ohioy? aohsi
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can g teic numb. >> contested conv tmp t oo heontestnumb to btthem t kn wre wi n'knas cain bef io. m fewvictor burung to win ates. sttingps wit micx daysro e' ctinueronn a let' l a t demoatpeee a te sdi f are sayings is r fore s. ewfit of tre'shat a600gathere, none. ou te tup s, whi peopl k osear leade t ve sav a 20eg . an tooc th oerehe sta into wo is a afn-eric votshat
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ie sande p wesrs ouan win t v- oh, h we yo ronas macs gting e. s a >>go ick whie re lnille mattn th that'somon't eve day. icle ws joini . trp a gt. r anec ght, and not a g f ioplhe role ofo,tayi t ra in endeavor to s tru f re mag 1,200lusle s allub hope terms of a th de cnt in the
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in20 f.chuc wated ado trump okthst o t asot theonalrump that we'veeenvet hs he wrestrained. omplimened cr dn h licoo. t therutheture andowan sta t arr? ikn. we had ts ersati, iingled herhi nvtion. toursag yesterhe'sgoing, h couike stn- for a te heid itor a f nus thtrum one steard two . tt t mpeneys it'sll h t u math if hee' beheee and the we a t tcoen. t the trump wee h bbl stain mpentpe remembeewe ump t one
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ste,he w w worathe rly thda emerge ght,e coidrm establhmentfaasy. ttis is er ilit is pecau t clthg poib evyt ihetable. wldalle a donven poilit tee months ts bl i'mlow ihe is toto rump ten ul tepublin esis ase guys t i , to divphe letes? >> sotely i think ay, oythouett roey fil latthe ca primar wi tre be agression paen, rio a goluck.
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wean our votersofor yo ys, i wan my orteote far o. tha t pl, i jus nk theseee caaignsanogik at >> nncef t cooperation. >> is ,lly ha llyifculto penominati ecauf m ers, but bauth f --ocofis supprs. >> riooson vgia mostlyra tino imout, but d work. >>ted forck sw hawawond h minu don'ow howha went. >>ysthan i'm messroun th tt bo hankouerych > h jac spent ovg tcruz caai she caugh wit h he adesponhon. or t>>oornintt
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ahead to kanshere he' b to teheerg the oklahacks y, w h wo bt msfeimorye his ce tt blclud ,uld uneundim a tt ce oto trum w yom here, ghe rn nominatis heente candite bdold's b us sebropou >> all ofhem country areti countrfi t bemeclea t caidhaandite do aat t no,as neen abo n incontestssneen ablek cons delegates, there a do yan rumpo t ninee?
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sus, adeha it m he thapay, eogrtoth n n c wi d tartyff a iff. >> howoutdrump e haserformlls heedtogh >>ha to o one. o head ustum himresoundi wher he now, h hasevyonels bei an divided. it'sy thel say,it reckle. aimtas ne b high it'kl olheeomin na trump may the one ee oe pl ttil c be ocra leing. let don'thi repub genleioo csist icheworra ep decrat,ingasthher.
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consndive ae tt' e're goingo . cwell-liky coesth, he s t getting relta feyah ys tment may b in ity ad c tto the satelngme sator uzt ist welme thesut. hestshal aroundnetheim outss? >> aprely we'lee. llha >> m o the fuper the raceov forn a lit while. reg new in theah for malaysialigh c newears ofebmay hound t .stello has bs f twoeand hashe
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ba offhebicoas artul com -370 woer the oc tld h been ithe w two thebris f aameran t e aror mh-3you clmaal piece drihe theer si o magasceuon la ljuly cerent he ebris frican it tught m m th e' ctthonta abizer. investigatorsmalaia auli t.s. have loedthphots de br cl ur cse to the vestat soo l
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har latt athe ? alhach. >> cg ts he a of sar bac in porter cuing yet ce l hea passesbo age rsurunding the ofvoya ttimony s. exuec s
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in a 7:26, i'm renee chou. we begin with the troubling and tense situation playing out on i-40. let's get to tara. >> it's happening of the overpass of rock quarry road over i-40 and police have this section shut down as well as i- 40 under this overpass in both directions. traffic was able to exit and go over rock quarry road but we are still seeing heavy delays at this point. that looks deceiving, 12 minutes from the 440 split out to us-1 but that is because we have a lot of people taking alternate routes including 440. 48 minutes now if you would like to take 440 w. and make your way around downtown raleigh. we're still seeing another 30 minutes from nc-42 just make your way up to the 440 split. >> thank you, tara. a prayer vigil is being held today for men killed by raleigh police officer. 24-year-old akiel denkins who
7:27 am
shot while running from police. a gun was found near his body. yesterday protesters marched in the city calling for justice. police and charlotte are investigating allegations of -- excessive force after a video was released of an officer appearing to be punching a man repeatedly. the internal affairs unit is gathering information, interviewing witnesses and reviewing the video. let's get a check on the weather with elizabeth gardner. >> we had rain last night, it's moving out as a cold front pushes to the coast. take a look at the skycam over raleigh. starting to see breaks in the clouds and sunshine to the west. the hunt that fronts temperatures will cool down. 50 in raleigh, 43 roxboro, we will see a high of 56 this afternoon, much cooler than yesterday. rain overnight thursday into friday and ties remain in the 50s. >> thanks. much more news, weather and
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continues here on fox50. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work.
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and now in delicious chocolate. 7:30 now on this wednesday morning. march 2nd, 2016. nice crowd on our corner of rockefeller plaza. good morning to them. little rainy this morning. >> a lot of people talking about
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the presidential race and all the super tuesday results. donald trump dominated the republican side, winning seven states. marco rubio picked up his first victory, taking the minnesota caucus. but bolstered by three victories of his own, ted cruz is calling on his rivals to drop out and let him go one on one against trump. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conservatives. and for the nation. >> over on the democratic side, hillary clinton added to her massive delegate lead. she won seven states, with a strong showing in the south. she started to sound like a candidate, looking ahead to the general election. >> the stakes in this election have never been higher.
7:31 am
on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work. >> bernie sanders won four states last night and vowed to take his fight against clinton to the end. all the way to the convention. let's get more from peter alexander. good morning. >> hey, matt and savannah. we want to break down some of the numbers from last night. these are things that stuck out to us at nbc's exhibit polls. donald trump bringing out huge numbers of republicans. look at this. when you consider how well he did among republicans without college degrees. he has a narrow advantage among those who have college degrees. those who don't have a college degree, donald trump trounced his opponents, winning 54% of the vote. he faces challenges. this is from ted cruz's home
7:32 am
night in texas. 25% of voters in texas said that they were dissatisfied with donald trump. only 25% said they were satisfied. 75% said they were dissatisfied. hillary clinton with another strong showing last night. to win this fall, she's going to have to bring together young democratic voters. look what we witnessed again last evening. among the democratic voters under the age of 30, hillary clinton won barely 1/3 of them. among those between 30 and 59, she won 62%. those 60 years of age and older, 72% of them sided with hillary clinton. couple things to watch as we go forward. back to you. >> peter alexander, thanks. in other news, this morning, royal caribbean's anthem of the seas has arrived back in its home port of new jersey after
7:33 am
we'll go to bayonne, new jersey. some of the passenger janet shamlian spoke to some of the passengers. >> some are very angry. they're telling stories of honeymoons, vacations, anniversary trips cut short. many of them, by some accounts, more than 150 are also sick with the norovirus. that's leading to conflicting reports about why this vessel returned early. >> reporter: it's happened again. another ill-fated voyage for one of the world's largest cruise ships. anthem of the seas cut short its week-long trip, royal caribbean says, because of a severe forecasted storm. >> disappointed. i wanted to cry. you wait so long and pay so much money. >> reporter: is that the reason? ports indicate dozens of passengers and crew are sick with norovirus.
7:34 am
one passenger tweeting, no one to clean. staff in garn teen and told not to talk to the press. another tweeting, wish royal caribbean and rclcorp were honest about why we turned back. my honeymoon was cut short. the cruise line tweeted the norovirus didn't affect the decision to return. a few weeks ago, hurricane force winds, pounding sea and angry passengers. >> i think you find out people's lives are at risk. >> reporter: this morning, another trip to paradise cut short. >> royal caribbean is facing a negligence lawsuit from the last cruise that came back early. royal caribbean says the suit is without merit and it turned back this time because it was following the new storm avoidance policy that it put into place after the last incident in february.
7:35 am
>> janet, thank you. erin andrews' $75 million civil trial is one step closer to going to the jury after she took the stand for a second straight day. she faced tough questions from defense attorneys. nbc's morgan radford is at the courthouse courthouse. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. in fact, four new witnesses are scheduled to testify here in the courtroom today. that's as the defense scrambles to make its case as to why the marriott shouldn't get stuck with a $75 million tab. >> reporter: the jury in the erin andrews' case will hear from more witnesses today. the two days of emotional testimony from andrews herself likely made the biggest impact. she broke down in tears when talking about her boyfriend, the hockey star. >> i think he would have loved the girl more. that was there before this happened.
7:36 am
new routine when he stays in a hotel. at check-in, she asks for a different room. she doesn't let anyone deliver food and sets b to,o ss booby traps to know if there were intruders. >> i put a paper there. if it's moved, i can tell. >> reporter: the lawyer questioned her from the national marriott. >> i don't know. can you repeat your question, please? >> reporter: the defense tried to show she hasn't been seriously damaged by the secretly recorded viral video. >> you also got an endorsement from reebok? >> yes. >> diet mountain dew? >> florida orange juice? >> yes. >> reporter: the jury heard from an espn representative. >> did you see her performance suffer in any way as a result of the events involving mr. barrett? >> no. >> reporter: andrews said monday the network made her give an interview about the ordeal. >> my boss said, before you go
7:37 am
need you to give a sit-down interview. >> reporter: prompting the company to release a statement. developments in the case have been interpreted by some to mean espn was unsupportive of erin. that isn't true. for erin, the video will always be there. >> it'll be a reminder every day. >> andrews says she's been in theory the rest of her life. a jury will decide how much that pain is worth in dollars, if any. >> morgan, thank you. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> we're looking at a big change coming, as far as the west coast. we've been talking about el nino. it's about to really fuel some wet weather in southern california. couple of big storms off the pacific coast. we've had a big ridge of high pressure pushing the jet stream up to the north, keeping california dry for the last month or so. look out, the ridge breaks down. we're seeing all this moisture
7:38 am
southern california, especially saturday into sunday. here's what we're looking for. urban roadway flooding on the weekend. mud and debris flow in recent burn areas. 1 to 3 inches in southern california. northern california, upwards of 7 inches of rain >> that's your latest weather. >> thanks. coming up, how did this happen? the shocking moment a toddler
7:39 am
that boy's emotional reunion with his family. first, the end of a record-setting advantage. american astronaut scott kelly's return to earth overnight, as he
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ariphantorrinasonaut scott y. e ldy kakhstan ornht aerseg td tloes acan h snt ine. tom cteo herlly' ioor the lar. morngain. >>tt kly aus orr ednakhstanearl t in w,ly bs a lon joneeidef th ,akacho h arre l ni >>orter:t st bere 0 lalime wn sple carrying scott kelly touched down in kazakhstan. >> scott y, bkotheh te 3aysnace. r: for k tronauhe a 34yn. >> we nt tood-byend orr: s rlr, and good-by t nal space s lee m c inte ace ca lod at 3:43. cen
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dys go bek vych, >> botlose tog trty' na thr cpeono figh h m >>dyo te? itlyn jeerns u aer feerraitiond erhe qstion e asking. >> there is a revelation in the first esode that you may b ready to start dating? >> i know people are always interested in that. i'm on top of the world taking her in for landing. >> clear to land. s n d dinitelaljo oklleeld hane
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injfk'siron tower. da mch 2 we'll havouty good mornraorth ca 'm the >> spendthbihday rating mday wit ynd>>come "y" wedneaymorning. nicerowd o pouid gndhe in tegni oft lfhour. >> as soon as the r,e there. g t h ur,inng wh theer ased,d tarclinn b seninsy. wasl dl for e of llons in ere shepe tve te cr
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mamorning.zrgng t oonghe party toge sdo dona. lks t t c h unify th p ae ed, thofuone a t. f n altrp.ra sinsan m tl rng le i thinkwfly h n terso w teadhet? epter: sgping the ys fs coerenougracus cgratn e n i t. owowd he ut diis bl regain m. >>y' everythinan theor >>ldn' resista ruo. eou >> nchinisfi anl w inmi
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t lo h rr lah. >> t kul't in section w seat sanquesontt bs veorest 'rt rt evt s in the us myerksut r invoedthis hped atadon se rd theicla game asth ro the manit b bals m, ien heeo e ai andascading tfm. otha needing fi he to benood spits. wet t maso sq >> i tru, nerhe ithon manger? >> rity
8:07 am
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and lso t a brai lifehort, tas ch ll bing ilyou still t thki'ra you a re enoh? who'll step uphe gs getgh? don'want t kif br a des a deee. you'na w some m but onf yo a bra hi im je and re thecks.
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kirn t ave d curiou and al spe lage of g. "hey ana, f kad vi" oh! thso g ifreg toea a out prosci just sh itthe screen. i dohave touch scen on my mac i'jealous hat. you pug buin a kidhand and change theirld view. [ la we brought you here today to get your honest opinion about this new car. to keep things unbiased, we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is.
8:11 am
and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game changer. this is not a job for me, this is, this is my life. this is my family. being a part of helping people in need is who i am. working at brookdale for me is not just a job, it's a life for me. i love it. i formed many connections with the residents. i feel like i am part of their family and they're part of mine. if you can get up in the morning, ya know, shake the dust and go up there and make somebody happy, when i go to sleep, i did my job. it's 8:12. you know what that means? >> time to trend. >> okay. here is a provocative question for parents in the social media age. raise your hand if you have ever posted a picture of your young
8:12 am
>> yeah. hello. >> not just the identity, but yeah, i'm in it. >> the question is, are you violating your child's privacy by posting the photos online? french authorities say, yes, you are. it. warning that under the country's ws wn your children grow up, they could later sue you for violating their privacy. >> wow. >> or even jeopardizing their security. penalties could include a year in prison. or a fine of nearly $50,000. >> seems excessive. i mean, most parents would have their which i would's best interest at heart and not want to do something that invaded their privacy, right? >> you cannot predict how your child is going to feel about that later on. >> i don't think we should overdo it. >> we should hold on to the photos of kids naked when they were young, because later, it'll be an embarrassment. you're going to sue me? oh, yeah.
8:13 am
>> we decided to talk about this with someone other than carson and asked you on twitter, should parents be penalized for posting photos of kids online. 86% said no. 14% say yes. it's a violation of privacy. >> kids should take pictures of their parents and post it online. see how you like it. >> my 1-year-old could post. she sent pictures to you the other day. >> she did. >> you know throwing the coins in the public fountains? >> for good luck. >> psychologists say it feels good. it gives life to our hopes, dreams and wishes. do you want to know how much the coins get? >> who gets it? >> the lake at the bellagio in las vegas gets $12,000. the mall of america fountain, $24,000.
8:14 am
buckingham fountain only gets $200 a year. they say it's too big and people can't see where the coins land. the park district seems that money. >> makes sense though. >> raise your hand if you reached in if you needed spare change. >> feed your meters. >> need the coins. >> people who eat at chick-fil-a are not just getting a side order of fries, they're also getting a good helping of family time. this is a good idea. the fast food chain unveiled a new challenge. at every table in the restaurant, there is a little box called a cell phone coupe. when you walk into the restaurant, put your cell phone in the little box and place it on silent. then you're supposed to enjoy your meal without any high-tech distractions. do something like talk to your children and your family members. families successfully complete the challenge, they get a free ice cream cone later.
8:15 am
chatter in the restaurant. >> this is the best chicken in the game. >> incredible. >> it's a good sandwich. the bun especially. >> the warm bun is very good. >> that's the only reason we did this story, to get the free chicken chicken. >> these have been in your pocket since yesterday. that's why they're warm. >> i got two hours of sleep. just a disclaimer. so the rolling stones set to make history again. carson, there's a mighty pop start. >> we'll start with kris jenner and more of her interview with ellen, reflecting on the mini series about the o.j. simpson murder trial. we showed you some of the interview on tuesday. in the new clip, kris explains why she feels she failed nicole brown simpson. >> we were supposed to have lunch the day after she was murdered. she said she wanted to show me some things and talk about what
8:16 am
now, unfortunately, it all makes sense, that that's probably what she wanted to reveal to me that next day. which broke my heart because i'll always feel horrible that i didn't pay enough attention. >> important stuff. you're talking about crick fillhick-fil-a during the sound bite. >> no, it was an important interview. >> kris also talked about caitlyn jenner who said she was going to date men. kris finds it confusing. in the next half hour, natalie sits down with caitlyn herself. roller stones are heading to perform a concert in havana. they'll be the biggest act to play since the 1959 ref lugsvolution. the stones will be arriving in cuba four days after president and mrs. obama make their own historic visit. finally, the "voice." the coaches pulling out all the stops. one particular artist.
8:17 am
she rocked the house with her take on "red neck woman." >> one of my favorite. let me get a big hell ya for the red neck girls like me i said hell yeah oh >> getting three chairs to turn around. at the last minute, christina tried to lure her to her team. with a big kiss right on the lips. pharrell was in shock. she's now a proud member of team christina. there's your pop start. >> a lot going on on the "voice." >> sounded like joplin. >> that's my jam. one of my karaoke numbers. go-to. al, how's the weather looking? >> first pop start where we've all been thrown under the bus. thanks, carson. i don't mind because you worked
8:18 am
>> thank you. >> we have a little bit of a clipper that's going to be coming across the next few days. thursday, fast-moving storm dumps down to the south. accumulating snow for des moines. chicago. south bend, indiana. friday, heavy rain for the mid-atlantic coast. it makes its way up the coast a little, bringing snow to the northeast. how much? here's what we're looking for between thursday and friday. cedar rapids, chicago, columbus, maybe 2 to 4 inches. new york city, 1 to 3.
8:19 am
into the delmarva peninsula. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. this morning, we have more of our series, up for the job today. we became interns. matt, you had a good job. >> it was cool. for my internship, i was lucky enough to work at jfk airport here in new york in one of the most pressure-packed offices around. it's air traffic control tower. >> reporter: jfk is one of the busiest airports in the world, with more than 1,000 flights each day. 90 airlines moving 150,000 passengers in and out of the city skies. so i head to work in the control tower, 17 stories up. >> it's my first day as an intern.
8:20 am
control tower up here. crazy. >> reporter: my boss for the day, dave, jfk's air traffic manager. >> good to have you here. >> reporter: he manages a team of controllers that run a high wire balancing act. moving planes along jfk's 50 miles of runways and taxi ways. >> jet blue on the runway now. another two behind him. >> landing plane has the right away over a departing plane. >> still on the ground and able to stop. >> reporter: controllers have eyes across 5,000 acres and rely on radar, too. >> there are times when the tower is up in the clouds. when you look out, all you can see the white. >> is it nerve rackwracking, knowing there are hundreds of planes and you can't see them? >> is it for you, will? >> a lot of weather out there, you get stressed a little bit but you can't let it get to you. >> reporter: this is one cool group under control.pressure. controllers can be talking to
8:21 am
as many as 60 in bad weather. with this job, one mistake means no reset button. >> because the stress is so high, if they work 90 minutes, then they'll get a fairly good chunk of time off, is that right? >> correct. we never want them working more than two hours at one time without a break. >> it's also a bit of a young man's job, isn't it? i mean, i read that 65, you're done in here. you realize i'm an intern for a job i've already aged out on? >> yes. >> great. >> reporter: they put me to work anyway, starting with stuffing strips. a computer prints out flight details from pilots with requests to depart or land. will works clearance. >> information below it is the type of airplane, 737 they fly. altitude they want to climb to altitude. this is the route they'll fly from jfk to minneapolis. >> reporter: next, it's time for training from the simulator. what they call the sim. my instructor, tom.
8:22 am
runway 31 right, right out the window over here. >> these are planes waiting to land on 31 right? >> this one is this one. >> reporter: it doesn't take long for me to understand the intensity of the job. >> delta 6270, this is kennedy tower. >> wind. >> wind is 310. >> at 9. >> at 9. >> runway? >> 31 right. >> clear to land. >> and you're clear to land. >> you did it. >> he's not down yet. >> that's only half the job. now, this whole line is over here, matt. if you look at the radar, we have an arrival for the runway about eight miles out. we have to make sure this departure is airborne before this arrival gets here. >> in reading my homework, is that what they call shootinghe gap? >> this is shooting the gap. >> reporter: two planes in, one plane out.
8:23 am
this takes focus to a new level. >> american 1515 this is kennedy tower. 31 left. turn left on victor. winds 310 at 9. taxi left alpha. >> reporter: it's a huge adrenaline rush. >> first one away. got them off the runway. >> reporter: when i think i'm getting a feel for it, this happens. >> can i get some rain and lightning lightning? now you lost visibility. >> i can't see any plane landing now. i don't even see the end of 31 left, where i know i've got three or four planes waiting to take off. >> you can see it over here on your ground radar. >> things have gone from bad to worse here at kennedy. it was raining, which was bad enough for me. couldn't see a thing. now it's snowing. >> snowing. make sure things don't get worse. we have an arrival five miles out, and we have somebody sitting on the runway that has to depart. >> i manage to leave the simulator without causing major
8:24 am
controllers say the view doesn't get old. too. >> where the rubber meets the road. clear for takeoff and clear to land. it's all about that. >> reporter: so as a fitting end to my internship, i sign off. >> hope you enjoyed interning here today. >> are you kidding? i loved it. >> least i could do. >> interesting. >> it was really cool. >> felt the pressure? >> you only hear about those people when something goes wrong. on a daily basis, they do the job so well. day in and day out. >> what's amazing, the little strips of paper in such a high-tech world. that's what they use. >> it's part of it. others are on computer. there's one great radar ground traffic. you see every plane moving on the runways, on this piece of radar. >> wow. >> united used to have on channel 9, you could listen to the chatter from the tower. i listened to it on the plane,
8:25 am
people have to keep in check. >> in the simulator when you clear a plane to takeoff or land, they talk back to you. you're like, now what do i do? i practiced my part. >> is this matt lauer? love the show. >> want to thank them for their cooperation. >> that was awesome. just ahead, caitlyn jenner will talk to natalie about her
8:26 am
> i'rechou th yst ayerigil oufor the lledby leh po ce 24ead s nta arunning om poce. ths ar hidy his moth moinservice. rde ceg her son'bo today. >> po e vestiging algation ceivtevideaced owin ce arnching n repeatedly. smane rnairst is iointerv witss and g de changes he wehellou abt, he's izet>> they wiomin on a noterlh er teeraturyeers hi. t a 20redrop rnaspa lo at s in s, youan seemgo around
8:27 am
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find us in r aisl of the cool is yatalyo itkem k s. jt li cerea, i le aughing)
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>ooderybod gr crowd ohe plaz es 2, 20 ppbirt. a l o gat fol rlasmog. itas in pere arop. >> get atlell morning,ybod ve youn a sup wey. sur, i it a serci ls andal to mevery day esntore rdle cludin anbelievablba ga inn handg.s ce pl whapp co c w ouca. yo g av th y get. we'ro lrn re a matchadnav thathebag, eth y. hat'set!
8:31 am
>>it ,f er? >> don'toheathe ackthe p ca. ,ho yha on iou whoest? toitns,thand. mg i pnort snow showersre sues ith gas morrha m tou th midsiipndhio river ll aoss the great kes. ttle clper. weav mor wn ndor pafic nit oex.
8:32 am
>> we ha g nicen it'sour rtay 's your? enzi herere you ? >>oxvitennese.>> whanotheray. ldn a la >> ght n tope >>ye>>et's hd bid tth al, tnk yo fter c the thiekalutn foia. e interview lyn caitn er.odmoin weissyo >> to
8:33 am
rkedbout tranig caitetr ike a evyt d li. >>. i've bnen a life,ouavir ghts. th say, come.lwayt,wet' nirter:t'llan inth girlss parcaitn' newd.>> theth ugoseas s lg m whe i ha eportebe a irnt e'syre tie li suttr critic fromhin
8:34 am
>>ou is la of e. ho y co isngabo t bes o bestctors.tho he trantit topleok, have- can al tir ateiliclspd arndrld. teneasotwo "amca oisl r-oldsee veenithnd ar fmther dermehoheerl d. the a revn ryha y m eating . ile alway ten th. tw,sy oido would beicd sh yreh sobody
8:35 am
ot bming conservative >> se repide t bu when wee, i certbealkyly wlal em afar s su betrn thpublep a rtwe've never bee tote rep buingha crsatio thypep yeto s thgsrse o tomein. caiynol her aname forndtrtied i fro o bl w has tha? h aowed kid cout a much yer e. a of dbeen
8:36 am
w a more ec, his is soingre >> i thinkhat we do, sinceis aicir night,hink w s ou a vote. r nme dime? that anho >>ight he nd u i'hr her offia nig acelet. well g amazg. hav a n set o friesut he it mllring myirlsht tmoas ry jus sati w aela illo feel reth wd t
8:37 am
anyoueralci >> you e on a cait" p o >hen cotialleorie maugglhxt dietg.
8:38 am
8:39 am
thiisday" ware bw. 8: wee g par three of -l ser elli mpon erdsreho pemt i meou're abouttou mamho eimseoosalfis bo re co. >>orter:bo i b s hetu tunnt bre bssehunngors.
8:40 am
thouasdethrealits nd ho toamilynd ies. aboy,aslwayne o eaes in s. hsc bkeo ar300ndoy he was wh . >>nchoir, a i h newta and s oself. nc ftb i'mot g tt b year orter:loound foreea oeg frga tooke antrem 's wntaedoiikalor y. reporter: thaght. whe my first- sten at of p anhi ng eati ben00 daixay hat700 cieoo brefast bn ple, blrr
8:41 am
en,nc d oc. owno 160 fra fy thanges tcame h onbr >> iitlyca s his spe, vee, ve b ie missionie an i'vee, a have n s t of exctalnod r:'sce worrieon sious l. i went b i medro and tec ihoy yi rht frof me won listetoe. i werle ihoht goodth scahingist i hadose. >> repr:ouldn'iste d but hean hg do a ordim. 's wrein j
8:42 am
oe ell tis ercise, tt' wha look . l sick r: jtiave bo oun th >>av toatoply. if yotnn oou ion,ikould out your,'re going tl. rep i o 10 minmecan w hav tiso >> bauhe iness are rsod a an' est's that mhde f b rch out for be t >>boessa to ruggl i si don'try tgh all onour >>n youn ror nohat doou now, sne tha y.
8:43 am
beeny r:or "traiglv, c. akes a l ocoe haory,s ll >> wanoet a clo looktatdi reki head toy.m. ftg ar wve eandls
8:44 am
8:45 am
t, "day" on thasbout you we're bk w aal al jiar ioik to th itists on wwe're cng everyda esls. moing. g >>toseesia as you tou neourrdro. er aertain >>d tepem. wetarth as shou the b om gr >>erent
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
or wit ain off. ycuanythi nee knobo wearing jm >>main he ho is m man t d't k abou >>ok keup. >>oueally a suppod to reen anyin wit a ou sc l gls, eveee monecau of cteria.rnd months aarepenow y reil30 itchoi out llon go otoday. ffen ss u cange cog. cithhree opons. dependin o you spelled o wee,srtone. e al,9,f. gre laut let,hebag
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hi "y" kins e. gie senr showi e i'm az een wti this an hour and 55 minutes. toy, o week of basics,
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menu,ve g sweet eat cbilass pod ca a cmolls.jon, aut o "grabake tse thank fav lookrsave theseeohe ta thng to csen icl-sache jus ou cinn . lot theingries. >> gatinednts. ese are sor o typ but w tterotste pouak ls got twoes of flr. se aake flo so it maic and tr.en we u all-ppose r. tigampe >>ah,ydmi shs insrationorbang nis thpe ll l's gedh mi ofl,ouutd n. ylswaav pr n. lsoedlooake it doe'tst
8:54 am
goe of e 've got sd tt lell 've g s cnand our. i ahet' th it to r e' g abbvihes. i y g w aryingrednts. bs re wg o ersic fl. a a l eggsnnet makeure it'sot coated. onceouet, t ene g toddingurr. befuate hutul? coisy. youream. iscake. addin.g wit atl oi ak sure thaf yve overba it, iy,ot mot. thank o . >>nilla. absolute ll
8:55 am
at ath laye hthe w goi t ac a in th thadler to littlbi a t o takrwirls re >>s >>noth op at tn you toeit. pop itow ? orbo mite unl itut aolden ow 'to c iec ts t pa. thet part. er lhe cheeseicg. t phis . 's it mama ma isye. >> lsin yr ri >> w. ha >> pretty. rg >> a ok.
8:56 am
. bl . nnestea o thfuf e university em rg w faytelle atafteoon 4nodot keab cororindacd onhehas r. sty shg feste with mrs the bt coit he had in last t th hamo
8:57 am
take tra yeev, e ra i ng arod a bit,we hhe rtest incolder aisi, pe f at 5 thirco forre teerates w tey. a51 4:0d into40byuprrmorning to belowre ? >> we areie imenoni- the neatee gallery opens.seng fie bodiio a t op iur dr s. w downmites. ju awhile is wa to a minutedriv l o e th ive tilesson as ticand coestion to ea ckghyo t to sesoof asouare oaching 44t. we delayeeouri ha >>are inlmndofcer volvedtin today oon we
8:58 am
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delot mentarou havallergies. then yee ffonly treevur itc,ry eanngesti no other nasal allergy spray can say thmple allergyelief orincomple let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. this morning on "today's take," decision 2016. trump and clinton win big. what does that mean for the othercandidates? ben affleck's batman surprise that left fans in disbelief. and your first listen to ariana grande's yet to be released single "dangerous
9:00 am
all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's wednesday morning, a beautiful one at that. 2nd day of march, 2016. beautiful crowd on the plaza. i'm willie with tamron and al. natalie is on assignment. i can't get myself out of the "hamilton" soundtrack. this is "wait for it," and this is my current "hamilton" song. >> i love you went back a second time. we've all been fortunate enough to see it, but it's interesting how many friends i call and say, can you get me tickets? i'm like, who -- >> no. >> the list of celebrities who are waiting. >> i got to go months and months ago with my dad. i took my parents.


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